3 Myths About Today’s Housing Market

Think you're ready to move or buy this fall but can't get past the Debbie Downers?

It's time to lay to rest the rumors about the current market so you can move with confidence this October.

Myth #1: Owners have low rates and will never sell.
Fact: While it's true that many homeowners locked in low rates several years ago, life happens, and people will always need to sell their homes. Families grow. Empty nesters downsize. People relocate. Retirement draws near. And many of them have homes to sell.

Myth #2: As rates rise, prices will drop.
Fact: While we've all wished for interest rates to soften home prices, there’s another challenge driving up home prices — limited inventory. High demand + scarcity of supply will always keep prices competitive.

Myth #3: The housing market will crash like in 2008.
Fact: The 2008 crash was fueled by faulty mortgages and buyers taking on more than they could afford. Thankfully, things have changed — a lot.

Lenders are much stricter today than they used to be. Plus, the average homeowner has more than $274,000 equity in their homes, giving them financial peace of mind when buying. It’s a different era, friends!

Housing myths come and go, but buying a home that meets your needs when your family needs it is priceless. If you’re ready to explore what it would take, reach out — I’m here to help however I can.

Source: Homeowner Equity Data And Statistics | Bankrate

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