December 2020 Market Update


McHenry County: Home sales month over month increased by about 7%. This was a 38% increase compared to December of 2019.

Lake County: Home sales declined by about 11% from November. But, they increased by approximately 30% in December of this year compared to December of last year.

Cook County: Home sales increased by about 8% from November. December also saw a 29% increase in homes sold compared to December of 2019.

This data shows you exactly why the idea that "homes don't sell in the winter" is a myth! We continued to see the trend of low inventory, but still saw an increase in home sales over last year. If buying or selling a home is one of your goals in 2021, let's start the conversation now to set yourself up for success. Be sure to watch out for my upcoming video where I'll have a 2020 year-end review and discuss housing forecasts for 2021.

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