House hasn't sold yet?

If your house still hasn’t sold this year, consider making these tweaks to turn that 'for sale' into 'sold'.

  1. Adjust the price.
    A high price tag is often the biggest obstacle to a quick sale. Maybe it's a tad too high compared to the neighborhood average or isn’t in line with your home’s condition. Perhaps it’s time to reopen that conversation with your agent.
  2. Improve the condition.
    That chipped paint or broken light fixture could turn buyers away. Maintaining your property and doing necessary repairs shows buyers your house is ready to be their home.
  3. Stage and declutter.
    Ever been to a crowded store where you couldn't find anything you wanted? That's how buyers feel in a cluttered house. Creating a visually appealing, spacious environment can do wonders.
  4. Work with the right agent.
    If your home isn't getting the right amount of showings or offers, it might be time to reevaluate your agent. Discuss details about how they’re working to sell your home, find out what they’re doing, and confirm you're both on the same page.

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