I'm not your mother's Realtor

Okay no disrespect to the way things were done but...

The car magnets, newspaper ads and door knocking that came before us really was the norm in our industry.

However, I'm feeling lucky I live in a time where I can leverage the advancements in technology to provide my clients with top tier service.

Let's look back on real estate norms of yesterday:

  • Cold calling and door knocking.
  • Ads in newspapers and magazines & telephone books.
  • One-size-fits-all services with no customization for the client.
  • Grainy, half-hearted listing photos and lackluster home presentations.
  • Clients riding in the car with you.

Nowadays, agents are embracing digital strategies to give clients the best service possible.

For my clients, that looks like:

  • Utilizing social media, online listings, and referral partners to reach a wider audience.
  • Offering professional staging and high-quality listing photos and video.
  • Providing buyers with virtual tours and 3D walkthroughs.
  • Leveraging local data and analytics to understand trends so my clients can make informed decisions.

Send me a message if you're ready to embrace a seamless real estate experience... and also, can you let me know in the comments if car magnets are making a come back?

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