Should you wait until the holidays are over to sell?

Is selling near the holidays a bad idea?

Sellers ask me all the time if they should list their homes in November or December... or wait until after the holidays have come and gone.

It’s a great question and one you might be mulling over this fall. My answer always starts with, “It depends.” But is quickly followed by these pros and cons:


  • Less competition: Many homeowners hold off, so no doubt your home will stand out.
  • Serious buyers: Holiday buyers are highly motivated, usually by job changes or life changes. They need a home — and they need it now.
  • Feel-good ambiance: Holiday decor and a warm, cozy, inviting atmosphere help buyers fall in love with your home.
  • Tax benefits: Some buyers likely want to close by the end of the year for the tax benefits.


  • Busy, busy, busy: Would-be buyers are busy (just like you!), so selling now might mean fewer showings.
  • Decor dilemmas: Overly personalized holiday decorations could make it harder for buyers to imagine themselves in the space.
  • Delayed transactions: Holiday closures, such as title companies or lenders, could potentially delay the process.
  • Lowball offers: Some buyers might assume holiday sellers are desperate, leading to low offers.

Remember, whether you decide to wait or list now, a well-presented home and a strategic approach mean success in any season.

If you want to talk through your options to see what’s best for you this fall, reach out! That’s why I’m here.

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