What does a buyer consult look like?

Buying a home is a *major* decision and not something to rush into. But here’s the thing: You don't need to have all the answers or a specific timeline in mind to get started.

That's why several times a week my schedule is booked with what I call Buyer Consults. Here’s what goes down during these meetings:

  • We meet up at a local coffee shop – my treat.
  • We'll chat about the financial side of things — what you think you can afford, what pre-approval means, and the ins and outs of home financing. No pressure here. Just me listening to your needs, sharing the latest info, and connecting you with trusted local professionals.
  • Then, we'll demystify the home-buying process. It may seem complex, but I'll simplify it for you. From finding your dream home to making an offer and closing the deal, we'll cover all the bases.
  • As we wrap up, we’ll talk about timing. Whether you're ready to make a move now or thinking about a future transition, we'll discuss your options. Your thoughts and comfort level 100% guide the conversation.
  • Lastly, you’ll have the chance to ask me anything you want. Whether you've got a few burning questions right now or a list that's been growing for years, I'll provide answers to every single one of them.

A Buyer Consult is about understanding your needs, addressing your concerns, and giving you the knowledge and confidence to decide your next steps in the home-buying journey.

Interested? DM me or comment below to grab my Home Buyer Guide for more insights, or reach out to schedule a consultation.

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